Ways To Read Sexual Body Language » How To Interpret Sexual Body Language

Ways To Read Sexual Body Language » How To Interpret Sexual Body Language

Ways To Read Sexual Body Language » How To Interpret Sexual Body LanguageIt is very difficult to interpret a woman’s body language when it comes to sex .This article highlights the pointers that woman may give and how to interpret sexual body language.

Allow Her Eyes To Reveal Her Secret Feelings

You are walking behind a girl and if she looks at you over her shoulders with contempt, it is better to leave her and look at other girls. If she looks at you with eyes that show some desire along with a smile, chances are high that you have hit the bull’s eye.

If she motions you with eyes, then it would be unwise to leave her and pursue some other women. If you are serious in pursuing her, try an eye test with her. You should move away from her suddenly and if she shows pain in her eyes, you should come back quickly and if she is not showing any pains in her eyes, you need not follow her blindly. You should watch her eyes from a crowd without her noticing you and you should act promptly without waiting.

Her Touches

If she touches her ass occasionally when she walks in front of you, it is a clear signal that she is interested in you and would like to pursue you. She is also confident in showing her body parts to you and would like to have a steamy encounter with you.

She Feels Comfortable In Getting Closer To You

The best revealing of her inner desire is when she gets closer to you , and she would feel comfortable when you breathe close to her. She would not feel shy when you try to touch her hands and she would feel excited by your gentle touches. A simple brush through her ass would send strong chill through her spine and you should take her excitement forward by staying at a point away from her after that brush. Chances are high that she would lick her lips and motion you to come closer or she would come closer to you.

Look At Her Legs

She would stand in such a way that her knees are bending towards you and her legs would also show slight partition. It is a signal that she is ready to spread her legs apart for you and you should courage to enter her. She would also place one hand over her knee and that means that she is ready to embrace you are ready to come near her.

Look At Other Sexual Body Language Signals

She would keep her fingers curled towards you in such a way that she is motioning you to come closer to her. She would also nod her head in approval of your presence and she may also wink at you to give to strength in following her or taking her to bed and have the sex. She may also place her hands closer to her vagina and she may point her two index fingers towards her vagina. She would also give you eye stroke that starts from your forehead towards your member and vice versa.

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