Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby - How to Soothe a Crying Baby - how to soothe and help your crying baby - tips to soothe a crying baby » Ways To Soothe A Crying BabyThere are plenty of times when you can’t tell if your baby’s crying is directly related to a fixable situation: hunger, a soiled diaper, or a longing to be held. That’s when parents get frustrated and nervous. That’s when you should take a deep breath and try some of the cry-stoppers. Caring for a newborn baby can be quite an experience, especially for new parents. Many emotions blend together – joy, awe, fear, excitement and even frustration. When a baby cries, tensions may rise because this is the only way a baby has to communicate (and parents don’t speak the language of baby!).

Newborns and young infants have large heads and weak neck muscles. Keeping your baby supported can help prevent sudden movements that may be startling. This kind of support also lets your baby feel secure. A baby should never be overly hot – in fact, this can be dangerous. If your baby is warm to the touch, check for the amount of clothing he or she is wearing. Taking your baby’s temperature can rule out fever.

The womb was a very noisy place. Remember the sounds you heard on the Doppler stethoscope? Not so long ago, your baby heard those 24 hours a day. Therefore, your baby sometimes can be calmed by “white noise” — that is, noise that is continuous and uniform, such as that of a heartbeat, the rain, static between radio stations, and your vacuum cleaner. Some alarm clocks even have a white noise function.

Quick guide teaching ways to soothe a crying baby

· Take him outside or take him away from an over stimulating environment (for some babies, this can be lots of people or noise)

· Get comfortable holding him (some people like to hold a baby laying on him back along their thighs with him head at their knees, so they can make good eye contact)

· Put him down where you can stay close and still touch him or calm yourself and relax your breathing (remember, she can’t cry forever)

· Think about how you might want people to respond when you are crying (do you like being jiggled, bounced or plugged up when you are crying?) and stay close

· Make eye contact and use your voice to let him know you are present and that you will stay with him while she cries

· Feed your baby

· Burp him and wrap him snuggly like a burrito (leaving him face uncovered)

· Talk soothingly to him and play music for him

· Change him position and change him diaper

· Check to see if she is too warm or cool

· Hold him or put him down

· Put him to bed/sleep or offer him a toy (for babies three months and over)

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