Ways to treat beer belly

Ways to treat beer belly

Ways to treat beer belly - How to get rid of belly fat - Tips for loosing belly fat - Ideas for loosing belly fat » Ways to treat beer bellyA beer belly isn’t healthy, nor is it attractive. Here are some effective ways that can help you to streamline your waist, just read them out!

Going to gym is not enough. So, Make sure to make the optimum use of machines available to you for achieving the best results. For burning fat, you can try running on treadmill, cycling, spinning, aerobics, using a cross trainer and other sporting activities like playing tennis, squash and swimming. Such activities increase your heart rate thus resulting in weight loss. For reducing the stomach fat, mix these activities with crunches. Without forgetting, make sure to include 15 minutes of a cardio and 15 minutes of stomach tightening exercises in your daily fitness schedule. Mind it that it is not how much you exercise but the quality of your workout that really matters. If you can’t manage 60 minutes, switch to 45minutes every day. What’s important is being regular to your fitness schedule.

Running or jogging:
Running or jogging is a great way to combat a beer belly. No matter how much fantastic stomach muscles you have, trust me nobody is going to see them under bulge. Doing sit-ups to treat your beer belly is nothing more than a myth. It can strength your tummy muscles and lower back area but won’t be able to eliminate the fat portion. The best way to get rid of beer belly is to run on treadmill or a track with proper kind of shoes. This will get your heart pump faster and to break you into sweat. When running on treadmill, try the uphill mode for 20 minutes for achieving the best and fast results. And if you are running on tracks, set a time limit and then do the rounds accordingly.

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