Wedding Advice For The Bride

Wedding Advice For The Bride

Wedding Advice For The Bride - Event and Wedding Planning - Wedding Decorations | Tips on - Find TipsA wedding is the one time when every girl can look and feel like a princes. Except that princesses don’t have to worry about the things like budgets and getting leave from work and the flowers wilting on their big day. The perfect wedding isn’t that hard to pull off (really!).Here are some practical tips from folks to ensure you that everything goes off smooth as a wedding silk on your big day.

1. Planning the Event
You must rope in a tradition savvy family member to coordinate with your wedding planner so that you don’t miss a thing. While you are delegating duties, put a trusted friend relatively in charge of your look and clothes on the D-day. She is the one to ensure that everything’s just perfect before you walk out of the dressing room.

2. Invites and catering
Before you send the invites to prink, check the spelling and grammar. The more the guest, the greater the expense. Do not invite the world as they might just all show up with their kids. Arrange food for more folks than you’ve invited as there’s nothing worse than a wedding where the food runs out. Expert local caterers who cook on the premises will give you better quality food and also more than the greater ones and they’ll also do it for one-fifth the cost of a five star meal.

3. The venue
When you’re picking a venue, be practical. Don’t have a wedding on the beach if you dont like the idea of getting wet or having sand in your shoes. If you’re not keen on a by-the-book ceremony then there are loads of offbeat options. Marigold and mantras may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

4. Wedding Decor
Please remember that you’ll be showing your wedding photographs to the whole world for decades after the event and so you don’t want people to have to hunt for you in the pictures as you have just merged with the background, thanks to the colour of your outfit being almost the same as that of the backdrop. All flowers are not equal so you must check with your wedding planner if the flowers you want will look as gorgeous and fresh when brought.

5. Bridal outfit
What you wear for your wedding is an investment of a lifetime. You must not choose something which is very much in fashion today because what’s totally happening now will become old-fashioned tomorrow.

6. Getting your jewellery
On your wedding day you just have to have the best. The jewellery should look good on you and not on the box. You must select your jewelley first than the outfit. Do not repeat the same colours in your jewelleries and dress. It should no blend into the outfit.

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