Wedding Expenses

Wedding Expenses

Wedding Expenses - Wedding Expenses For Bride, Groom, Bride’s Family, Groom’s Family » Wedding ExpensesSometimes marriage is said to be the coming together of two worlds. And it is true also. Weddings always involve a lot of influence from friends, family and others. One thing impossible to do is to keep culture out of the wedding.If you are required to pay for your wedding, you should be clear as to what part you are going to pay for. Four main parties are involved in a wedding traditionally. So let us have a look at what part each party has to play financially.


Starting with the bride, she has to pay for the wedding ring for the groom. She should take care of all the needs of her attendants, the bridesmaids. Therefore, she is responsible for getting gifts for them. She should arrange for her friends and family coming from out of town for at least two days. Last but certainly not the least would be buying a gift for her future husband.


He too is responsible for getting his bride’s wedding ring and a wedding gift for her. While the bride takes care of her bridesmaids, the groom should take care of his men. However, he should not forget to get flowers for the women, the bride and her bridesmaids. He should get boutonnières for the bride’s father and other men at the wedding party. He too has to arrange for accommodation of his friends and family from out of town. But he has to make some additional expenses as to planning their honeymoon, which of course, he will never mind. The groom is also responsible for the fee of the clergy and parson.

Bride’s family

The reception and wedding attire of the groom comes out of the pocket of the bride’s family. They are responsible to pay for the photography, videography and all the general things of the wedding and reception like the table decoration, parking, security to name a few. The bride’s party announces the invitation as well the finishing thanking note.

Generally, the bride’s family spend more than the groom’s family. It is a tradition that they give more expensive gifts than the groom’s family.

Groom’s family

The groom’s family pays for the wedding gown of the bride. They also are responsible for getting the newly weds a wedding gift. They look after the rehearsal dinner and travel and lodging expenses.

You can enlist the expenses and then make a decision. It is only fair that you divide up the expenses equally.

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