Wedding Insurance Benefits

Wedding Insurance Benefits

Wedding Insurance Benefits - Wedding Insurance Plan – Benefits of Wedding Insurance | Tips on - Find TipsAre you planning to get married soon? But have you thought about buying a wedding insurance policy? If for some unforeseen exigency, your wedding is canceled, a wedding insurance will cover up all your financial losses.

When to plan
You should purchase a wedding insurance plan as soon as you start making your wedding preparations. If you are planning an expensive wedding, a wedding insurance is all the more preferable as a guarantee to cover unforeseen circumstances. If you are planning a less expensive wedding, you can opt for a cheaper wedding insurance plan or cover only the riskier parts of the event.

Losses covered by wedding insurance

If the bride, bridegroom or important relatives are unable to arrive for the ceremony because of bad weather condition, a wedding insurance covers the cost of cancellation or postponement of the wedding. The cost of rescheduling the ceremony and the accompanying costs of food, flowers and reception hall rental will be covered by the insurance policy.

If for some reason the site of the wedding and reception becomes suddenly inaccessible, the financial loss suffered by the couple for the cancellation of the wedding, will be met by your insurance company.

If the bride, bridegroom or an important relative suddenly falls ill or suffers an injury, the cost of cancellation of the wedding will be covered by the insurance plan.

Absence of Service Provider
If a service provider or vendor, such as the caterer, musician, photographer or florist doesn’t turn up you can recover the cost of rescheduling the event. The financial losses suffered for canceling the wedding, owing to the absence of the minister or rabbi in charge of conducting the event is also covered in the insurance plan.

Military service
If a bride or groom is in military service, insurance policy will cover losses encountered when they are forced to cancel or postpone the wedding following a sudden called to duty.

Additional losses
Damage and theft of wedding dresses and gifts can be covered by your insurance policy.

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