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Weight Loss Tricks

Weight Loss Tricks - Weight Loss Techniques - Weight Loss Programs - How to Reduce weight » Weight Loss TricksDid you know that light affects our eating habits? Well if one is to believe what Dr Brian Wansink the author of the book ‘Mindless Eating Habits’ has to say on the subject.

As per him he has from research come to the conclusion that bright lights encourage you to eat a lot faster than normal as strong lighting has an effect of causing stress in the body.

His book is all about reducing light in those areas in the house where you may lounge around; like in front of the TV as well as of course the dinning area.

In other words he is trying to tell us that we may just be sabotaging our own interests of trying to loose weight. The problem will be solved according to him if we dim out our lights in such areas. This will let us relax and be more in control of what and why we eat.

Another study undertaken by Dr Richard Mattes the co-editor of Appetite and Food Intake which reflected on behavioural and physiological considerations had the following to say. He was of the opinion that one way to reduce weight was to stick to one single food when it came to snacking

Another great weight loss trick is to stick to a single-food choice for snacking or post-workout filler meal, because as Dr Richard Mattes, co-editor of Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioural and Physiological Considerations studied in his latest trials for cereal-eating subjects, weight loss was fast and controlled for participants who ate 2 ready meals (cereals from a box) and one meal of their choice in the day.

His study participants lost weight due to the following rationale according to Dr. Mattes: “The reason the approach works is primarily convenience and portion control,” he says. The caveat is choosing a wholesome food you want to eat regularly. So, no, the all-you-can-eat chocolate cake diet won’t work.

Thinking and focussing on that ideal physique can help you work wonders with the weight loss program too, reports a 2005 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association that covered dieters who believed it was possible to control weight with behaviour as having lost more kilos than those who believed their weight was biologically controlled.

The process is similar to visualisation techniques used by Olympic athletes (you see yourself win, and then you do) -except in this case, it’s a matter of mind over fatter. Try these out for yourself and see which scientifically supported weight loss technique works for you!

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