Weight Reduction Techniques

Weight Reduction Techniques

Weight Reduction Techniques - Tips for Easy Weight Loss & Weight Loss Diet » Weight Loss : Follow These Simple TipsEver wondered why you keep on putting weight even if you follow diet regimens perfectly? Well, chances are that you are being exposed to a class of chemicals called endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) through the foods and drinks you consume on a regular basis.

To shed some light on the matter, EDCs are chemicals that are responsible for promoting obesity and excessive weight gain in several individuals.

Also called as obesogens, these chemicals tend to work against the regulatory systems in the body that are in turn responsible for controling body weight. As a result, an individual can still remain fat and unhealthy even if he/she follows a strict diet and exercises regularly.

You would probably wonder as to how you could possibly counterattack these chemicals and rid your body off them in the process. Not to worry. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your body remains obesogen free and healthy.

According to recent studies, nine out of ten pesticides found in foods and beverages are EDCs. While some foods tend to have high levels of pesticides, other foods and beverages have low levels of the same and can be eaten without risk of absorbing EDCs.

When it comes to food, organic foods are said to contain the least amount of pesticides and it has been found out that a systematic organic diet can reduce the EDC s in the body to miniscule and negligible levels.

Accordingly, you can choose to follow an organic diet that consists of fruits and vegetables like onions, pineapples, sweet corn, frozen peas, kiwi fruits, eggplants, watermelons, sweet potatoes and grapefruits etc. These foods are said to contain the least amount of pesticides and hence are safe to consume.

Have you ever thought about eating plastic? You may not be aware of it but the startling truth is that almost 90% of individuals have detectable levels of phthalates and bisphenol-A (BPA) in their bodies, two chemical substances that are usually found in plastics and emit plastic based obesogens which will in turn create excess fat depositories in the body.

The best way to avoid over exposure to these plastic based obesogens would be to refrain from buying fatty foods that are packaged in plastic wrappers, opt out of canned foods and stop heating food in plastic containers. By following these tips, you can stay safe from EDCs and their adverse affects.

Make sure to filter your water before you drink it. Do it even if you feel the water is clean. Opt for carbon water filters that effectively remove pesticides and other pollutants from the water. You can also use reverse osmosis filters for hard water.

Refrain from choosing grain fed meats and conventional beef. Opt for pasture raised meats and grass fed beef instead. These are significantly healthier than their counterparts, contain less fat and do not contain weight promoting hormones.

If you add fish to your diet, go for sustainable lean fishes that contain low levels of mercury and PCBs. These toxins can cause serious side effects to the body in addition to making it bloated. Opt for smaller fishes that have low levels of toxins when compared to bigger fishes.

Accordingly, you can eat fishes like mackerels, anchovies, scallops, rainbow trouts, Pacific cods and salmons while steering clear off king mackerels, big eye tunas, sharks, marlins, swordfishs and tilefishes.

Again, when you want to cook fish, opt for poached, broiled, grilled, baked or boiled fish instead of fried fish. This way, you can make sure that the fatty contaminants of the fish drain out before you eat it.

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