Well Stocked Bar

Well Stocked Bar

Well Stocked Bar - Bar equipment - Ladies drink - Best Scotch brands » Keep Your Bar Well StockedWhatever the season, there is simply no better reason to learning to keep your bar well stocked except that the ladies might drop in and perhaps you could get them all drunk enough to have an orgy! (Just kidding, but the fantasy’ worth stocking your bar up well, now, isn’t it?)

Actually, whether you are planning to entertain a lot over the week-ends or typically lead a life that has you out of home for most of your meals with only time at hand to sip sundowners when the boss or colleagues come over to your apartment, there’s no better time to learn what to stock up your bar with than now – when you can be prepared for the unexpected (the cute chick from the next cubicle asking for a ride home – via your place?)

Learn about the different kinds of liquor to keep in your bar after assessing the general tastes of the people you socialize with. Include a good mix of non-alcoholic beverages, necessary bar equipment for serving and mixing and a few extra touches (just to impress your guests), such as the cocktail umbrellas and cute toothpicks with funny heads for serving drinks and snacks. These are easily available at most party supplies stores or even at the wholesale market stocking party essentials. A stylish addition to the drinks décor accent is the latest concept of wine glass charms (simple, beaded rings that serve to identify the user’s glass – colour coded cuteness).

Remember Rum and Vodka go well with men and women’s drink choices and can be used as a base for mixing many delicious cocktails, like liqueurs and juice make for great Sex on the Beach, Bloody Mary (with tomato juice) and Fuzzy Navel drinks. Likewise with good rum, one can always ensure the ever-popular Rum and Coke (officially tagged as Cuba Libre by the original users, the Cubans), or even a summer scorch-beater like Long Island Iced Tea is ever ready. You can also mix rum with vodka, gin and tequila and make Strawberry Daiquiris – the perfect ladies drink for your parties!

Chivas Regal and Johnny Walker are the best Scotch brands while Appleton and Bacardi, the best Rum.

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