What are Bunions

What are Bunions

What are Bunions - Causes and Prevention of Bunion - Bunion Causes - Prevention of Bunion | Tips on - Find TipsFor several reasons at the inner side of the base of the first toe, painful horny structures or bumps might develop. These are known as bunions. Generally, bunions develop at the base of the first toe. In rare circumstances, bunions are formed at the base of the fifth toe. Occurrence of bunions is common in both the genders. However, the incidence is higher among women, which is largely attributable to the choice of wrong high-heeled footwear.

Bunion Causes

Wrong choice of shoes is largely responsible for developing bunions. Your body has been structured for walking on flat feet. However, when you wear high-heeled shoes, most part of your body weight is exerted on the joint of the big toe. Overwhelming majority of bunions is caused by wearing high-heeled shoes.

When you wear tight-fitted shoes or pointed shoes, the joint of the toes are squeezed within a small space, causing bunions on the base of both the big and small toes. Hereditary factors or birth defects, known as overpronation, might cause your feet to roll towards the big toe while walking and standing. The constant pressure, exerted on the big toe in this manner might cause development of bunions.

Bunion prevention

Bunions can easily be prevented if you are cautious about your choice of footwear. Despite all the temptations of the stylish shoes popularized by the runaway events, lower heeled or flat shoes are best for your feet. Instead of opting for stilettos, wear shoes with less than two inches high. Also, remember to wear shoes that give enough space to spread your toes. Switch over to sneakers, golf shoes and flats for your daily travel.

To prevent bunions arising from foot deformities, parents should take the child to a podiatrist as early as possible. Foot surgeries are often recommended to cure deformities.

Running often increases the chance of developing bunions. To prevent bunions, reduce the time span of your running exercises in your daily exercise routine. Instead, rely on swimming, biking and walking.

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