What Are Kidney Stones

What Are Kidney Stones

What Are Kidney Stones - Causes & Preventions Of Kidney Stones » What Are Kidney Stones?Let us understand the formation of kidney stones, which are nothing but crystallized minerals building up in the bladder. Normally urine passes out through the tubes within the kidney into the bladder and comes out through the urethra. Four kinds of kidney stones can be formed in this region.

1. Stones made of calcium also known as phosphates or calcium oxalate.

2. Stones formed out of excessive uric acid, which happens as a result of eating red meat or other animal proteins.

3. Sometimes infection in the urinary tracts can affect the balance of chemicals in the urine, resulting in formation of stones from magnesium and ammonium salts.

4. At times urine may retain lots of cystine due to some fault in the conveying of amino acids, resulting in the formation of cystine stones.

Kidney stones are painful, but before a stone forms you can predict it through sludge which happens due to crystalline materials accretion in due course of time and creates blockage in the urine flow and ultimately damages your kidneys.

When you consume proteolytic enzymes, between meals, these extra enzymes can remove the glue, mucin, for the stones to stick together. A magnesium complement can help in the absorption of calcium and reduce the possibility of calcium stone formation.

Green and leafy vegetables help prevent formation of calcium stones.
Vitamin K2 helps metabolic activity on calcium, and ensures that it is not deposited in the blood vessels and other parts of the body. Avoid red meat. Deny yourself animal proteins, because high animal proteins will help in the formation of uric acid stones.

Avoid food containing oxalates, like spinach, tea, chocolate, peanuts, etc. Deficiency in Vitamin A can lead to formation of kidney stones. Vitamin A is present in pumpkins, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. Also take more vitamin B to reduce oxalate level and avoid formation of stones.

Plenty of water can help you to flush your bladder easily and avoid formation of kidney stones. Watch how you pass urine, to synchronize your water intake. You can also try juniper berries and adding lemon juice to your water to prevent the crystallization process in the kidneys.

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