What are Pulses?

What are Pulses?

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Pulses are leguminous crops. The seeds of leguminous crops are dried are called pulses. Pulses are rich in protein and have high fiber content. They are the low fat food available in a range of flavors. Here are the health benefits of pulses.

Health Benefits of Pulses

1. Pulses are rich in proteins and vitamins A, B which are essential for the well being of the human being.

2. It has complex carbohydrates like oligosaccharides, fiber and resistant starch which are beneficial for lowering the cholesterol. Hence it is beneficial for the cardiac patients.

3. Pulses contain minerals like iron and have only little fat content.

4. Pulses have low glycemic index of around GI of 55 that leads to a slower digestion process and it benefits the people having diabetics. Glycemic index is a way to rank the carbohydrate content of the food. Low Glycemic index means slower break down of the food and it rise the blood glucose level slowly. Then the insulin produced by the diabetic patient’s body will be enough to break down the less amount of blood glucose level. This will help to control the diabetics.

5. The low glycemic index of pulses will adversely affect the fat deposition in the body. Pulses bring down the triglycerides in the body and thus the fat deposition and are a good food of people having obesity problem. It also helps the cardiac patients as it reduces the fat deposition in the blood vessels and arteries.

6. Pulses help to reduce the lipids present in the blood and which in turn avoids the diabetic complications.

7. Pulses contain antioxidants which are found to reduce the risks of cancer.

8. Pulses are found to be devoid of a protein called gluten. Hence it can be prescribed to people having celiac disease. Celiac disease is a situation in which the patient will have sensitive small intestine to the gluten which ultimately results in improper digestion.

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