What are the Causes and Cares for Dry Skin

What are the Causes and Cares for Dry Skin

What are the Causes and Cares for Dry Skin - Causes of Dry Skin - How to Care for Dry Skin - Dry Skin Care | Tips on - Find TipsDry Skin

The skin has a papery texture and is very thin. It produces flakes and irritation to the skin. The pores are fine and the skin becomes tight after a wash. The change in climatic conditions will affect the skin, the cold weather and hot sun always arise problems to this skin type. The skin develops lines and wrinkles and gives an aged appearance. It produces scales on the skin.

Causes for Dry Skin

The skin’s oil gland produces less sebum and the skin becomes less lubricant and dry. The water retention capacity of the skin becomes low and it results in a dehydrated skin. Dry skin has more moisture in the upper layer and less in the lower layers. There fore the skin gets dehydrated easily in hot sun. In cold season the cold out side and the heat inside the body causes the drying up of the skin. Harsh soap, face washes and hot water makes the skin drier. Smoking and poor diet may also develop a dry skin. Eczema, active thyroid etc leads to a dry skin.

Cares for Dry Skin

1. Drink enough water to nourish the skin from inside. You have to take at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Consume as much as fresh juicy fruits

3. Use vegetable oils like almond oil, olive oil rather than commercial cleansers. It contains natural skin nourishing agents like vitamin A, C, D and E and a lot more proteins and nutrients.

4. Make your bath rich with almond oil and milk as it is highly effective against dry skin.

5. Apply a combination of olive oil, egg, honey and rose water on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.

6. Application of Aloe Vera is found to improve the dry skin.

7. Apply one banana puree or papaya puree or avocado for twenty minutes on your face. Wash the pack and apply some natural vegetable oil will help you to ward off the dry skin.

8. Massage homemade mayonnaise for twenty minutes on your skin and wash it with luke warm water will definitely help you.

9. Avoid chemicals like bleach, hair color which raises the chances for a dry skin.

10. A routine exfoliation of the skin is necessary.

11. Use gentle and natural soaps and cleansing agents only. Apply gentle moisturizing creams daily after a shower.

12. Avoid dry and over fried food.

13. Sleeps eight hours a day.

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