What are the Causes and Cares for Sensitive Skin

What are the Causes and Cares for Sensitive Skin

What are the Causes and Cares for Sensitive Skin - Sensitive Skin - Causes of Sensitive Skin - Care of Sensitive Skin | Tips on - Find TipsSensitive Skin

A sensitive skin can be normal, dry or oily but it will be allergic to chemicals and dust. The skin will be hyperactive towards the surrounding factors. It will results in itching, discomfort, rashes, redness etc. sensitivity of skin increases with cold, hot and dry weather and even increases with age.

Causes of a Sensitive Skin

Sensitivity is the result of oxidative stress on the skin. Oxidative stress in turn is caused by the internal stress, smoking, pollutants etc. An ultra violet ray is one of the important stress causing agents on the skin. All these stress causing agents are highly toxic and reactive and it causes damages under the skin. Antioxidants like vitamin E, C and beta-carotene are found to b e beneficial for these damages.

Cares for Sensitive Skin

1. Before applying any products on your face try a test patch on your inner arm. If you have any discomfort like irritation, itching, burning sensation on your skin then wipe the cream immediately and wash the area. Apply those creams on your face that are harmless on your inner arm.

2. Use sunscreen lotions before going out to protect your self. If you a hyperactive skin towards your sunscreen then adopt a sunscreen that is water resistant. As the water resistant sunscreens contains less chemicals and synthetic oils than water proof sunscreens. A far better sunscreen will leave your skin less reactive with fewer chemicals.

3. Care must be taken not to expose the sensitive skin to any radiations.

4. Find out the products that your skin prefers and that the skin hates. Try to avoid the allergic products. Try to use products that contain herbal extracts.

5. Use less makeup’s or use makeup’s that contains less chemicals.

6. Change your cosmetics in every six months time to avoid infections caused by bacteria and fungus. On keeping the quality of the product will deteriorate.

7. Avoid products that contain separated oil and water mixtures or colors.

8. Always keep witch hazel or rose water with you. These are soothing agents that can help you at any point of time when you have allergies.

9. Consult a dermatologist before applying a new product.

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