What are the Causes of Epilepsy

What are the Causes of Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a serous disorder that affects the central nervous system. It is also known as falling sickness. The patient will loss his consciousness and sudden recurrent attacks occur at irregular intervals. Mostly epilepsy develops in childhood or in early adult hood.

Causes of Epilepsy

1. Hereditary

Epilepsy is a hereditary disease that is transmitted through chromosomes. An abnormality in the chromosomes and the genetic predisposition may cause epilepsy.

2. Psychological

Psychological problems like anxiety, mental trauma, tension, anger, loneliness, emotional conflicts depression etc will lead to epilepsy.

3. Injury

Injuries that happened to head while playing may cause serious problems to central nervous system which in turn may cause epilepsy. Injuries while surgical treatments are also equally responsible.

4. Pathological

Viral, parasitic and bacterial infections that affect brain will leads to epilepsy. High blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, increased ventricular pressure, high sugar levels, brain tumors, vascular disorders etc increases the chances for epilepsy.

5. Physiological

Excess alcohol consumption will also increase the risk for epilepsy. Sleeplessness, poor nutrition, over time work, heat stroke, sexual excesses and poor growth may also greater the risk for epilepsy.

6. Drug Induced

A drug reaction can develop epilepsy in one person. Toxic doses of drugs may cause drug poisoning and which in turn results in epilepsy. A drug reaction developed from drug dependency or sudden withdrawal of antidepressant or anti- anxiety drug might cause the same situation.

7. Allergy

Certain food substances like the proteins which are the main constituent of the meat may cause allergic reactions. It causes circulatory disorders like the hardening of the arteries toward the brain and leads to epilepsy.

8. Prenatal Injuries

The unhealthy life of the mother like the habit of alcohol drinking, smoking or use of drugs will cause injuries to the developing brain of the baby. An infection to the mother will also cause the disease. Lack of proper diet of the mother is also detrimental.

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