What are the Causes of Premature Birth

What are the Causes of Premature Birth

What are the Causes of Premature Birth - Causes of Premature Birth | Tips on - Find TipsPremature Birth

Premature births happen when a woman delivers a baby before 37th week of pregnancy. Normally if the delivery happens after 33 weeks of pregnancy then the baby will do well and respond easily. Babies of 26-29 weeks old have problems initially but will survive.

They will grow to normal babies or might have some abnormalities. They need intensive care for a long period. Child born prior to 25 weeks are not matured enough to support oneself. There is high risk to get such babies and if the baby’s life is saved there are good chances for abnormalities.

Causes for Premature Birth

The cause for pre mature birth is many. Some times there might not be any reason and is uncontrollable while some other time it can be controlled.

1. If the mother is having some abnormalities in the uterus, then it will result in premature birth. Eg. A septate or sub septate uterus always ends in a premature birth.

2. The hormonal imbalance of the mother makes the delivery earlier.

3. The age of the mother is also important. An age from 19-35 is the best time for delivery. Any age above or below is risky and increases the chances for preemies.

4. Infections affecting uterus and placenta will cause preemies.

5. Placenta if placed near the mouth of the uterus causes frequent bleeding and premature delivery. Abruption of the placenta also causes the same. In these cases a total bed rest will be helpful.

6. The presence of twins or triplets will increase the chances for premature birth. The more the number of babies the more is the risk.

7. Diabetics and high blood pressure in the mother will cause premature deliveries.

8. Albuminuria and proteinuria while pregnancy are always risky

9. The quantity of amniotic fluid will also affect the delivery period. A more or less of amniotic fluid causes early delivery.

10. Use of alcohol, unwanted drugs and smoking are also injurious.

11. Presence of fibroid is dangerous

12. Cervical incompetence is another problem that leads to early delivery.

13. Abnormalities, infections or poor growth of the fetus directs to preemies.

14. A history of premature delivery or abortion after third month also paved the way for premature delivery.

An expected mother should take extreme care in her activities to avoid a premature delivery. She should nourish her fetus with a good and balanced diet.

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