What are the Common Diseases of Pets

What are the Common Diseases of Pets

What are the Common Diseases of Pets - Ailments in Pets - Common Diseases in Dogs, Cats & Birds | Tips on - Find TipsMost of us who love to keep pets are unaware of the diseases that can plague them. So, when they fall sick we are usually at a loss thinking what remedies should be taken as keeping them healthy is also one of our responsibilities. All of these diseases, unlike the myth, are not communicable to humans. While some of them are, most are restricted only to our pets. Here are some information about the common pet diseases to help you to keep your pets healthy.

Common dog diseases
Feeding your dog and exercising it on a regular basis does not ensure the fact that your dog is not susceptible to diseases. Your dog can be vulnerable to a number of diseases as also it might be carrying strains of an inherited disease due to selective breeding to produce individual dog breeds. While there is nothing that can be done in case of inherited diseases, you can always take precautions against the others.

Some common diseases are heart diseases like heart failure and heart worms, canine distemper, bloat, rabies, parvovirus, diarrhea, upper respiratory and infection. The essential ways in which you can safeguard your dog are by taking it to the vet regularly , giving it the required vaccines at the proper time, knowing the basics about your dog’s breed. Also get a thorough knowledge about your pet’s behavioural traits and understanding about the ailments.

Basic diseases in cats
If you own a cat you should be know the ailments which are quite common in cats to prevent them . Though cats are known to be the cleanest among all pets yet they are quite vulnerable to numerous diseases which most owners tend to overlook . Your cat can suffer from a number of diseases like rabies, upper respiratory infection, feline panleukopenia, parasitic infestation, Feline Urological Syndrome ( infection of the urinary system ), Parasites, Feline Diabetes, Skin Diseases, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ( FIV ), Feline Leukemia Virus ( FeLV ).

You can protect your cat from a number of these diseases by vaccination. You should be careful not to share your cat’s food bowl with other cats. If there are symptoms of any infectious diseases in it you should immediately
take it to the vet.

Diseases in birds

Most pet birds suffer from a host of diseases, some of which are Proventricular Dilatation Disease ( also ‘Macaw Wasting Disease’ ) , ‘Parrot Fever’ or ‘Psittacosis’, Giardia and Psittacine Pox.
Other common diseases are diarrhea, parasites and weight loss.

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