What are the Different Types of Pet Birds

What are the Different Types of Pet Birds

What are the Different Types of Pet Birds - Different Types of Pet Birds - Types of Birds - Pet Birds | Tips on - Find TipsBirds are lovely and beautiful and also most of them are the beautiful singers. Birds, especially parrot are intelligent and smarter than dogs and the cats. There are different types of birds that can be tamed while certain species won’t prefer to live in cage. Hawks, eagles, owls etc are not good pets. The commonly available pet birds are listed below.

Common Pet Birds

1. African Grey Parrot

This is a grey colored parrot and is very intelligent and talkative. This is one of the best parrots known for apery. They may learn human language quickly. They are quiet when compared to others but may show erratic behavior

2. Amazon Parrot

They have clear voice and will learn new words easily. They require good attention and they are excellent talkers. Some are very quiet while others show aggressive behavior. They are green colored with different colors under the wings and head.

3. Budgie

They can be tamed easily but they have limited capacity to talk. If trained at an early age they may learn to speak. They are known as the excellent whistlers.

4. Cockatiel

They are one of the best pets for kids and owners who are working as they need less attention. They have friendly personality and are relatively quieter. Males are more active than females.

5. Eclectus Parrot

The males and females have entirely different in appearance. The males are emerald green in color and they have patches of blazing yellows and red while the females are deep red with maroon shading in the back and they have a blue bib.

6. Hawkheaded Parrot

They are highly sociable and may prefer a human company. It has a very clear voice and is very affectionate. It may learn new words easily.

7. Love Birds

They are very active and playful birds. They are popular for their high shrilling voice. They are hard to tame but if you can tame them then they become very affectionate.

There are a lot more species available in the market like the Lories, Macaw, Meyers Parrot, Pacific Parrot, Pionus Parrot, Quaker Parakeet etc.

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