What are the Different Types of Stains on Clothes

What are the Different Types of Stains on Clothes

What are the Different Types of Stains on Clothes - Different Types of Stains - Different Types of Stains on Clothes - Types of Stains | Tips on - Find TipsDifferent Types of Stain

Stains are the enemy of your clothes. If you know the type of stain on your cloth then you can remove it easily. Depending on the type of stain there are different treatments for the cloth. Based on the stain you have to use water at different temperature and stain removal products for washing. This will help you to remove each and every trace of the stain in your cloth.

Types of Stains

1. Dye Based Stains

These are stains produced from fruits, ink, mustard and grass. Dye based stains spreads rapidly and they will have good strength on your cloth. If you treat the dye stain rapidly then you can wash it with water and if not then you have to repeat the treatment process several times. Dye based stains prefers hot water for their removal.

2. Protein Based Stains

Protein based stains are formed from the dairy products, eggs, baby food, vomit, blood, body soils, glue etc. This grimed area has to be cleaned first with a fork or spoon and then rinse them with cool water. Avoid the use of hot water as the heat produced from the hot water will fix the protein stains in the cloth. If it is a dried stain them you have to repeat the process again.

3. Oil Based Stains

These are stains produced from cooking oil, butter, mayonnaise, ointment, deodorant, gasoline etc. Oil based stains will set deep in to the fabric and won’t leave easily. You have to soak the clothes in detergents and have to wash it in the hottest water that the fabric can afford. You have to repeat the washing and make sure that the stain has left your cloth.

4. Tannin Based Stain

It is caused from soft drinks, coffee, alcoholic products, tea, fruit juice, wine etc. You can remove the fresh stains easily by washing in water and then wash the clothes as regular. Try to use hot water for washing. The settles stains need repetitive process. Never use a bar soap for removing tannin based stain as it will make the stains lasting.

5. Combination Stains

If you have a combination of stains like that from crayons, lipstick, gum, chocolate then remove the oily part first and then try with the part.

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