What are the Health Benefits of Papaya

What are the Health Benefits of Papaya

What are the Health Benefits of Papaya - Vitamins in Papaya - Anti Oxidants in Papaya - Enzymes in Papaya | Tips on - Find TipsPapaya

Papaya is a pear shaped delicious fruit. It has an orange colored flesh and small round black seeds inside. Papaya is highly nutritious and contains lot of minerals and nutrients. Some of them are Vitamin A, B, C and E, flavonoids, potassium, magnesium etc. It also contains anti oxidants like carotene and enzymes like papain. Eating a papaya daily will keeps you healthy.

Health Benefits of Papaya

1. Papaya will help us in the digestion process. The proteolytic enzymes in papya will aid in protein digestion. The papain powder extracted from papaya is used as a meat tenderizer as this enzyme helps in the partial decomposition of fibers. Having papaya after food will improve the digestion and it provides all the nutrients in the food and that in the papaya.

2. Papaya having the vitamins likes A, B, C and E improves the eye sight. It gives you a clear vision. It also reduces the degeneration of the skin and retains you young.

3. Papaya improves the immune system of our body by restricting cold, flu etc as it contains sufficient amount of vitamin C and A. Papaya is also a great relief for nausea.

4. Papayas are found to be effective against heart diseases. The vitamin C and E along with the carotenoid are effective against the oxidation of cholesterol. The oxidized cholesterols have a tendency to adhere the walls of blood vessels and causing heart attack. Folic acid in papaya will helps to convert the homocysteine in our body to cysteine and methionine. Other wise the homocystenine will damage the walls of the blood vessels.

5. Papayas are found to prevent colon cancer. The fibers in papaya will bind to the cancer causing free radicals and remove them from the colon cells. The vitamins and beta carotene also aids in the same process. The lycopene in papaya are observed to be reducing the prostrate cancer.

6. Papaya is having a anti inflammatory quality too. The enzymes like chymopapain and papain are likely to get rid of the inflammation and burning wounds. The vitamins and anti oxidants in papaya are also helpful in reducing the inflammation. People having inflammatory diseases like asthma, arthritis etc is found to be beneficted by papaya.

7. Vitamin A in papaya is beneficial for preventing lung diseases like lung cancer, emphysema. Vitamin A deficiency is found to be one of the reasons for such diseases. Cigarette smoking will cause vitamin A deficiency and so improve their health with papaya diet.

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