What are the Health Benefits of Pineapple

What are the Health Benefits of Pineapple

What are the Health Benefits of Pineapple - Vitamins in Pineapple - Minerals in Pineapple - Anti Coagulating Property of Pineapple | Tips on - Find TipsPineapple

Pineapple is a beautiful fruit and belongs to bromeliaceae family. Its smell itself is enough to have a good treat. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. The most attractive aspect of pineapple is its low content of cholesterol and fat.

Health Benefits of Pineapple

1. Pineapple is helpful in digesting the food and it adds fiber to our diet and will prevent constipation. It is used in between foods as an appetizer.

2. Pineapple is rich in vitamin C. vitamin C is helps to improve the immune system of our body and thus it fights against flu and cold. Vitamin C also helps to get rid of the free radicals from our body and thus protects us from cancer and arthritis. Body uses vitamin C to metabolize the cholesterol and fats and to synthesis collagen and amino acid. Collagen will keep our skin clear and healthy.

3. Pine apple contains vitamin B1 called thiamine which in turn helps to produce energy with other enzymes.

4. Pineapple contains a lot of manganese which are essential to develop connective tissues and bones. It helps in the bone growth in young people and at the same time will fortify the bones in old people. Manganese in association with other enzymes produces the energy required for our body.

5. Bromelain is found to suppress the cough and is used to include in the diet of tuberculosis patients. Bromelain will dissolve the mucous and is also used with asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis etc. Bromelain is also having an anti inflammatory property as it prevents the production of kinins formed during inflammation. So it useful in diluting swellings, sprain, strain, bruises etc. Bromelain also helps to break down the proteins and these particles are absorbed faster and thus it aids in digestion.

6. Pineapple has an anti coagulating property because of the presence of vitamin K. So it is not given to hemophilic patients. The same property of pineapple is helpful in people having heart disease. It will not allow the blood to make clots in the blood vessels.

7. Pineapple is rich in vitamin A and it facilitates in preserving good eye health. It helps in old age eye problems.

8. Pineapple helps the kidney to remove the toxic elements from the blood. It also gets rid of the intestinal worms.

9. Pineapple is found to be useful in women having menstrual pains.

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