What are the Symptoms of a Kidney Stone

What are the Symptoms of a Kidney Stone

What are the Symptoms of a Kidney Stone - Symptoms of Kidney Stones - Kidney Stones Causes | Tips on - Find TipsThe solid substances formed from the minerals and salts of urine are called stones.

Most of the time they are indistinguishable as the small stones pass through the urine with out causing any harm. If it is more than 4 mm then it will cause pain and associated problems.

1. Pain

It is the most important symptom associated with kidney stone. There will be a sudden attack of severe pain in the abdomen or at back side of the body. The pain gradually spreads to the groin or genital.

The stone formed in the kidney moves down and it creates obstruction and infection in narrow regions of the urinal tract. Depending up on the position of the stone in the urinary tract the severeness of pain varies. More than the size of the stone it’s the shape and location that creates the pain.

a. Stone in ureteropelvic region produces sever back pain with out any spreading pains.

b. Stone in renal pelvis and upper urethra will have a radiating pain starting from back to front. This condition is often confused with peptic ulcer or gall bladder stone.

c. Stone in middle urethra have a radiating pain to the pubic region. Often confused with appendicitis.

d. Stone in distal urethra produces a radiating pain to the genitals.

e. Stone in the bladder will not cause more harm. It makes rolls in the bladder and finally passes out with the urine.

2. Vomiting and Nausea

Kidney stones will produce vomiting and nausea because of the vagus nerve in that region. Some times excessive sweating also occurs.

3. Urinary Infection

The stones on their way down will create obstructions and scrape the tissues which in turn results in infections. Then the person will have a tendency to urinate frequently. He will have a burning sensation while urinating.

4. Blood in Urine

The scratching of tissues caused by the sharp edges of the stones results in bleeding and the urine will have a red or pink color.

5. Smell of the Urine

The urine will have a bad smell due to infection and the urine appears cloudy.

6. Fever and Chills

These are the symptoms associated with the complicated kidney stones. Urgent surgical removal of the stone is necessary here.

Some of these symptoms are seen with peptic ulcer, appendicitis, urinary infection also. So it is better to consult a doctor before making a final decision.

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