What are the Symptoms of Blood Cancer

What are the Symptoms of Blood Cancer

What are the Symptoms of Blood Cancer - Leukemia Symptoms - Chronic Leukemia - Blood Cancer Symptoms | Tips on - Find TipsBlood cancer

Blood cancer develops due to the production of abnormal blood cells in the blood. These blood cells travel through out the body along with the blood circulation. They get deposited some where in the body while traveling. It may be under the skin, testicles, kidney, lungs, liver, central nervous system, digestive tract, respiratory tract or some where else in the body. Depending on the area of deposition it produces different symptoms in different people.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

In acute leukemia the symptoms appear all on a sudden and progresses rapidly. They might have, vomiting, lack of muscle control etc. In chronic leukemia the symptoms appears only gradually, as the cancer blood cells function normally in the initial stage and their number progresses only slowly. The patient will develop symptom only in the advanced stage. A routine check up can find it out.

Normal symptoms of blood cancer are as follows.

1. Flu like symptoms with chill and mild fever. This occurs frequently and there might be night sweats.

2. Enlargement of lymph gland with out causing any pain in the armpit, neck or groin.

3. Infections that happened frequently with or with out any reason because the normal white blood cells which are supposed to fight against diseases becomes abnormal and is not functioning properly.

4. Weight loss along with loss of appetite.

5. A feeling of tiredness and weakness to the body.

6. Patient becomes anemic and becomes pale as the number of red blood cells decreases.

7. Spleen enlarged and results in a pain and discomfort in the abdominal region.

8. Enlargement of liver is also a symptom of blood cancer.

9. Bruising easily and often with out any cause and bleeding that prolongs over a time.

10. The gums become swollen and starts bleeding.

11. Vomiting, headache and confusions that occur when it affects the nervous system.

12. A pain in the joints and bones.

13. Wounds heal only slowly.

14. Lack of muscle control, when blood cancer affects the nervous system they will lose control over the muscles.

15. Small red or purple spots appear under the skin and sometimes purple patches or sore appear on the skin.

16. When leukemia gets collected in the testicles, it results in swelling of testicle.

17. Some patients develop sore in the eye.

This does not mean that a person having any of these symptoms is having a blood cancer. Some other diseases might results in the same symptoms, so it is better to consult a doctor before making a conclusion.

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