What are the Symptoms of Jaundice

What are the Symptoms of Jaundice

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Jaundice is only a symptom shown when there is a disorder in the function of liver. Commonly jaundice is caused by the hepatitis A virus. A person gets this infection through water and food. An infected person excretes lot of viruses through his feces. When this virus gets into the water or food of other person he gets infection.


The main symptoms of jaundice are fever, general weakness, joint pain, yellow color of urine, reduced quantity of urine, yellowish conjunctiva of eyes, not taking food and vomiting sensation. As said earlier jaundice is not a disease it is only symptom caused by the disorder in the function of liver. When there is a functional disorder in liver the quantity of bilirubin in blood would be increased, thus producing yellow color. Normally bilirubin is produced in liver as a break down product of hemoglobin. It would reach intestine through bile duct and excreted through the feces. When there is block in the function of liver it would accumulate in blood producing jaundice.


Apart from symptoms the main diagnosis is done by laboratory tests. Quantity of bilirubin in blood is tested. Normal range is 0.3 – 0.8 mg per one deciliter of blood. If it exceeds 2mg the yellow color would spread in the body. Other tests like ALT, AST and alkaline phosphate test can also be done to confirm the diagnosis.


Food is the most important factor to be considered. Take easily digestible food Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid or reduce food with high fat and oil. Avoid alcohol and smoking that induce more work pressure to liver. Tender coconut water and fruit juice are better. Drink more water and urinate frequently. Ice cream and cool drinks are not good. Wash hand before and after taking food. Avoid food kept open and refrigerated food. The water used for cooking should boil for at least 20 minutes. Filtered water can reduce bacteria but virus would be killed only by boiling. Never add cold water to boiled water to reduce its temperature. The hepatitis patient should be given food in separate plate that should be cleaned in hot water. A hepatitis patient should take medicines along with easily digestible food and more fresh juices. Complete rest is also inevitable for the cure of disease.

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