What are the Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome? | Tips on

What are the Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome? | Tips on

What are the Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome? | Tips on - Find TipsRestless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is the unpleasant feeling in the legs. It is caused by nervous disorders. Iron deficiency and chemical imbalance in the brain also paves the way for restless leg syndrome. Certain diseases like kidney failure, anemia, Parkinson’s disease etc also trigger the disease. The symptoms of the disease may be different in different people and it may range from light irritating sensations to uncontrollable pain. The symptoms of the disease aggravate during the night and settles down during the morning hours.

Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

1. The patient may have an uncomfortable sensation deep inside their legs. The unpleasant feelings are more sensed in between the ankles, knee and with in their legs. Occasionally they feel discomfort in the arms, thighs, feet and hands.

2. Such patients may have a burning sensation in their legs and also aching, tingling, crawling or electric shocks that develops deep from inside the legs. These uncomfortable sensations occur mostly in the lower part of the legs and can happen at any part of the arms or legs.

3. Normally you will have the sensations in both the legs but at times you may feel only in one leg and then move to the other leg. Sometimes you will sense more irritations in one leg than that of the other.

4. They may have a strong urge to move their legs as the movement help them to relive the discomfort. They may move their legs constantly while sitting, or they might pace the floor or may turn or toss in the bed. Jiggling the legs and rubbing the legs also gives them some sort of relief. They would like to flex and stretch periodically.

5. The symptoms increase when the patient takes rest and he felt relaxed with the movement particularly while walking.

6. Restless leg syndrome disturbs the sleep of the patient and he may not feel fresh at morning. The disturbed sleep may cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss etc. He may not have enough concentration in his work and it may affect his career and personal life.

7. Almost 80% of the people with restless leg syndrome also show periodic limb movement in sleep. There might be a jerking in your arms or legs in each 10 second to one minute. This will impair your sleep and keeps you awake intermittently.

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