What Causes Alzheimer's Disease

What Causes Alzheimer's Disease

What Causes AlzheimerAlzheimer’s disease

The disability of brain cells to carry out the normal functions of the body is called Alzheimer’s disease. The part of the brain that controls memory, thought and language are affected first. This disease develops gradually and the patient dies due to some secondary infections.

Causes of Alzheimer’s disease

Development of Plaques

A protein called beta-amyloid gets deposited in the space between the nerve cells. These depositions of protein are called plaques. These plaques will block the transmission of information between nerve cells and which in turn blocks the normal function of the brain.

Development of Tangles

Depositions of the protein called tau inside the nerve cells are called tangles. These tangles inhibit the transmission of nerve impulse and thus affect the normal functioning of the brain.

Risk factors for the development of Plaques and Tangles

1. Family History

A person having a family history of Alzheimer’s disease has greater chances for developing this disease. There are two types of genes that transmit the disease. They are risk gene ApoE 4 and the deterministic gene. If ApoE 4 gene is transmitted then the person getting this gene have greater chances for Alzheimer’s than others, but there are chances that he might not get the diseases. If the deterministic gene is transmitted then there is 100% chances that the person will be infected with Alzheimer’s disease .

2. Age

Age is an important factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease. A person above the age of 65 has more chances for this disease and the chances or risk of getting this disease doubles with every five years of age.

3. Life Style

A person having no exercise and uncontrolled diet will have more chances for Alzheimer’s. Tobacco smoking, consumption of alcohol etc will also increases the risks. A socially active person and persons involved in intellectual activities are less likely to get this disease.

4. Head Injury

A person who had head injury is more prone to this disease. So you have to protect your head with helmet while riding a two wheeler or practicing sports and use seat belts in cars.

5. Heart Disease

A person having a defective heart or blood vessels will have more risk of getting Alzheimer’s. This is because heart pumps almost 25% of your body’s blood in to the head and brain cells use the majority of oxygen and food to nourish the brain cells. Lack of sufficient blood supply to the brain cells will weaken them. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetics etc causes heart disease, so you must treat them carefully.

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