What Causes Bleeding after Sex

What Causes Bleeding after Sex

What Causes Bleeding after Sex - Reasons for Spotting after Intercourse » Spotting after IntercourseLovemaking should result in pleasant feelings. After all it is the unification of two bodies, which have been yearning to get together. But not always. When you spot blood after your lovemaking session, or when the woman bleeds, it will not only ruin the happiness of having had the sex, but it can also confuse the couple.

Many people tend to not even share this with others and try to resolve the issue by themselves. They continue to wonder, why I should bleed after that wonderful session, especially since I am not due for periods. And this bleeding is not akin to the periods. They will be asking amongst themselves; what has gone wrong and why has it happened.

There could be many reasons for this. This may be an initial warning signal for a serious internal ailment, but usually it is nothing to worry about. It is better to talk to your medical expert, since the condition may lead to infertility, fibroids, or infections in the Vagina.

It may simply be due to reduced Estrogen supply in the Vagina for lubrication of the parts prior to intercourse. However, these causes may lead to heavy bleeding later and become vaginal infection. These infections may have been caused by bacteria, and result in itching, burning, inflamed appearance and swelling.

When the uterine bleeds, it will be spotted after your lovemaking session, but this may also result from bleeding of the Cervix. If it is due to reduced lubrication in the Vagina, due to lower flow of Estrogen, you have to treat the hormone condition. Remember, Estrogen makes the lining of Vagina more flexible and lack of Estrogen can bruise the walls of Vagina during lovemaking. Breastfeeding mothers usually have reduced supply of Estrogen in their Vagina.

Some women may also get their vaginal walls torn due to rough sex. It can lead to infection and later, when you have sex you may have bleeding as well.

Once the condition is noticed, you should not get worried. Instead you should consult the doctor and find out the real reasons for spotting. If it is due to Estrogen levels, you can even ignore it because it can rectify itself.

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