What Causes Lack of Blood in the Body

What Causes Lack of Blood in the Body

What Causes Lack of Blood in the Body - What are the Dangers of Being Anemic - Causes of Anemia - Diet for Anemia » Dangers of Being AnemicAre you anemic or do you lack the required number of red blood cells in the body? If yes, then you must get your anemia treated as soon as possible as being anemic brings with it various other health dangers.

When you are anemic, you don’t have adequate red blood cells in the body and thus your cells get less oxygen and nutrients than required. Being anemic for a long time can starve your cells of required nutrients, making them weak and vulnerable to infections.

An anemic person feels weak and fatigued. This again is a result of lack of oxygen and nutrients being provided to the cells. Also, an anemic person is often found to be suffering from low blood pressure.

Thus, if you are anemic, you will lack not only physical strength but will also suffer from concentration lapses. Such people are also seen as frequently getting irritated and angry due to lack of proper health.

It has been found that severe anemia can have serious consequences. It can lead to chest pain, angina and even heart attack. In addition, anemic people are at a higher risk of experiencing episodes of dizziness and fainting.

Being anemic for a long time also puts you at a risk of increased infections. In addition, such people carry a pale look and don’t have the natural glow of health on their face.

The major cause of anemia is lack of proper diet, especially in today’s world that is ruled by junk food. In addition, excessive consumption of alcohol, having heavy periods or some underlying medical problem are other factors that can make you anemic.

Anemia or lack of blood in the body is not a problem that should be taken lightly. You must find out the reason for your being anemic and then take necessary remedial action for avoiding health dangers.

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