What Is Claustrophobia

What Is Claustrophobia

What Is Claustrophobia - Claustrophobia - Causes Of Claustrophobia - Symptoms Of Claustrophobia | Tips on - Find TipsClaustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces. It is a part of GAD (generalized ageneralized anxiety disorder). In this, people are afraid of traveling in crowded buses or elevators or amusement park rides. Claustrophobia is completely situational; one never knows when it will trigger and in what situations. United States has the highest level of people with claustrophobia.

Causes Of Claustrophobia

- Generally, this phobia develops as a result of some traumatic experiences in childhood. Getting confined into a small space for a long time triggers the panic button in the brain. From then on, the person begins to associate anxiety with closed spaces. This is the beginning of phobia. Children who are of nervous nature from the start have been found to suffer from claustrophobia more than others.

Symptoms Of Claustrophobia

- The child sweats and shakes in an unpleasant situation.

- The child is breathless, heart rate increases, feels panic and anxiety and even cries out for help as well.

- The child hyperventilates and feels nausea as well.

Psychologically, this type of behaviour harms the child in more than one way. It bars them from enjoying a normal life as they are in constant fear of getting trapped in closed spaces.

Treatment Of Claustrophobia

1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- In CBT, the child is taken through several situations to see their reaction for heights. The whole purpose is to teach ways to control anxiety, dizziness, and regain control over emotions.

2. Exposure Therapy- The child is exposed to the world of virtual therapy wherein he/she is taken for a rollercoaster ride of heights. The treatment is similar to CBT but the difference is in the touch of reality it provides. More research is required to monitor the behaviour of exposure therapy.

3. Hypnosis- The child is taken back to the root cause of this ailment, the moment when he experienced first claustrophobic attack. From there on, the doctor works towards erasing the bad memory.

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