What is Comfort Eating

What is Comfort Eating

What is Comfort Eating - How Do You Deal With Comfort Eating - Stress And Comfort Eating - Emotional Upheavals » Comfort EatingWe all have heard of the benefits of food in terms of satisfying hunger and providing nutrients to the body. But food can provide comfort too and eating to get comfort from stress, anxiety, or emotional upheavals is referred to as comfort eating. This article will throw light on comfort eating and the various causes and side effects of it.

As mentioned before, comfort eating refers to the act of eating or binging when one is stressed, lonely, bored or emotionally disturbed. The person tries to find solace and comfort from food. However, this act of comfort eating is not healthy as it can make you overweight and obese.

There are many times when you must have felt an urge to grab a packet of chips or eat your favorite chocolates even when you are not hungry. While there are some people who suffer from this urge once in a while, there are others who indulge in comfort eating almost on a regular basis. This can be quite damaging to your overall health.

It is necessary to find out the cause of comfort eating to effectively overcome it. You need to understand your inner feelings, anxiety, and fears to effectively deal with them.

People who are under confident and those who suffer from a negative self or a body image are the ones who are commonly seen indulging in comfort eating.
You need to make positive changes in your lifestyle and try to avoid stress and anxiety.

Learn de-stressing techniques and ways by which you can effective handle emotional ups and downs. The most common de-stressing techniques are yoga and meditation.

Along with the above given tips, one should also keep some healthy snacks at home so that when a need for comfort eating arises, one indulges in healthy eating.

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