What Is Cowpox

What Is Cowpox

What Is Cowpox - Cause of Cowpox - Symptoms of Cowpox - How to Cure Cowpox | Tips on - Find TipsAs the name suggests, cowpox is a disease found in cows. It is a viral disease like smallpox but not that deadlier. 1978 was the last year when cowpox was recorded. Cowpox is a communicable disease so humans should stay away from diseased cows.

However, people who contract cowpox were seen to become immune to small pox. It was on this basis that Edward Jenner successfully created a vaccine to treat small pox, which was taking the shape of plague at that time. Cowpox is curable; the period being maximum 6 weeks.

The whole process of virus contraction until its cure goes like this: macule formation- papular lesion- hemorrhagic vesicle- pustular formation- edema with possibility of secondary lesions- building of eschar- eschar subsides- lesions disappears and leaves scars behind.

Red blisters are one of the common symptoms of this disease. Now this virus is not found in cows but in rodents and cats. If you have pets, be wary of signs such as lesions and infection of the respiratory tract. In humans, the infection remains localized. In addition, the virus spreading is limited to United Kingdom only. The number of cases rises during summer and fall. United States have never reported any case of cowpox.

It is the young people, mostly below 18 years of age, who are vulnerable to cowpox because they spend most of the time with pets. Other than proximity to cowpox virus infected pets as the cause, another cause is using ‘systemic corticosteroids’ and being infected with atopic dermatitis.

Cowpox does not lead to death most of the time but there have been exceptions. Mostly, the people who get cowpox suffered from lethargy, sore throat, vomiting, and malaise, redness of the eyes, viral infection, lesions, scars, and fever. The disease is a “self limited disease” which means that it does not spread anywhere else from the area infected.

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