What Is Dengue Fever

What Is Dengue Fever

What Is Dengue Fever - Signs & Symptoms Of Dengue - How To Treat Dengue » Some Facts About DengueDengue is a dangerous disease, which has already killed millions all around the globe. Aedes mosquitoes spread dengue virus by biting human beings, until everyone is infected. Awareness about dengue is our only defense, so the following facts can help prevent fast spreading of the disease.

Beginning as a fever – when temperature soars to 39 to 40 deg. C, it can last about 5 to 7 days. Vomiting/nausea, body rashes, aches and severe headaches are main symptoms, which may revive after some time.

Persons afflicted with dengue, which is not severe, can take treatment at home; they require plenty of fluids, nourishing food and a lot of bed rest. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), used in diarrhea cases, taken with enough fluids can help bring down the fever. If fever persists, consult a doctor immediately. ELISA Kits can help diagnose the disease. If it is dengue, treat the patient with right medicines immediately.

Dengue Shock syndrome results in death of dengue patients, though not every one. Proper treatment and careful handling can cure the disease. Be careful about dengue cases. As only, a right treatment and attention can save the lives of the affected.

These mosquitoes carrying dengue virus are active during sunset and before sunrise. Use mosquito coils or electric vapor mats to destroy them, and use mosquito nets during bedtime, especially for the children. Full-sleeved shirts can help. Prevention is better than cure.

Destroy breeding places of mosquitoes to reduce their strength, keep your premises clean and help prevent spread of dengue. One can prevent even the most dangerous disease if people are careful and show their responsibility towards the fellow citizens.

Vigilance to ensure that there are no dengue breakouts is the need of the hour. Let us change our mindsets and clearly realize our responsibility to get rid of mosquitoes. Hospitals on their part should be more prepared, by fully equipping to tackle the disease even if it turns into an epidemic. Hospitals should help patients immediately. They should have enough beds, medicines, testing tools like ELISA Kits. Tackling threats of dengue with alert and awareness are two things that can surely help.

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