What Is Fasting

What Is Fasting

You feel kind of satiated and overstuffed and need the urge to do something to make your body feel right. Fasting is a good way to cleanse your system and feel good about yourself in the areas of diet, activity and even psychologically. This article states the benefits of fasting and ways to prepare your body for a fast.

People who regularly fast have always emphasized on its many benefits. It is very important to understand that we all have health goals, some of which require lifestyle changes. Fasting enables us to make the transition from a conventional diet and lifestyle to an energetic state associated with healthy living and eating. Under supervised conditions these lifestyle changes can be achieved faster.

It is surprising but true, fasting helps to overcome addictions. It often reduces the elongated withdrawal symptoms. It has also known to aid in quick recovery for people suffering from diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and in most cases of cardiovascular diseases.

However not everyone can go on a fast. Sometimes it is essential to prepare your body to undertake the fasting regime, which can last from a few hours, sometimes to a few days. The following are the ways to prepare you for a fast.

Learn more about the fasting technique you choose to undertake. List your schedule and your targets before you begin fasting and organize a plan. Incase you want to quit mid way this schedule can motivate you to carry on with your fast.

Minimize your addictions in the days prior to your fast. Slowly reduce the intake of caffeine, sugar, salt etc. Dramatically cutting them off one day may result in severe physical discomfort.Eat smaller meals and gradually cut down on that big meal just the day before your fast.Finally collect all that you need before you begin your fasting regime.

So now that you have decided completely to go on a fast run a check to see the last minute dos and don’ts. Always plan an activity when you are fasting, time flies when you are busy. Stimulate your metabolism by doing some light exercises and do avoid getting tough on yourself during this period. Lastly do consult your doctor before you begin on your fast. Pregnant women and children should not fast.

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