What Is Hiccup

What Is Hiccup

What Is Hiccup - Hiccups Signs And Symptoms - Home Remedies For Hiccup » What You Do When You Are Caught Up With Hiccup?Hiccups are abrupt and sudden involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscles. Hiccup doesn’t have any specific time period. One need not worry about it as it is a short time disruption. Don’t consider it as a disease. Sudden muscle contraction can be healed shortly.Â

So, be careful and next time if you are attacked by it, just pick up these methods to terminate. They are not harmful but home natural remedies. If hiccup sign is felt just hold your breath for a while and do this for sometime. You can also go for gargling with water. This is will give you relief.

If you think this is not helping then you switch over to ice. Place the ice cube on your diaphragm for while and sip ice water quickly. You can also opt for eye ball exercise. Close your eyes and press your eyeballs gently and repeat this for sometime. This is funny but it may be helpful, try pulling out your tongue with the help of your fingers.
By using your index finger stimulate your throat roof of the mouth and also back of your throat.

You may even opt for sitting exercise by folding your knees and try to press your chest against your knees; this will give pressure and give relief. Drink a glass of soda water quickly. Taking a pinch of salt also helps removing hiccup. Honey and sugar are also excellent remedies for healing hiccup. Many people who suffer they try this method and they get good response as well.

Peanut butter can also be very effective so, eat one table spoon of peanut butter. Even after taking all these tips if you are still hiccupping then you can consult a doctor but to make you clear there is no danger sign as such. You need not worry, of course it can be very irritating. However, the above methods and remedies are sure to solve your problem.

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