What is NEAT

What is NEAT

What is NEAT - NEAT for Healthy Life - Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - Health Benefits of NEAT | Tips on - Find TipsAre you leading a sedentary lifestyle, spending most of your time sitting at your desk in office or spending your leisure as a couch potato? If you don’t take some time off from work and visit the gym or go for a long walk, then chances are high that eventually you will be worried about your increasing weight.

However, it is possible to stay slim and fit even while maintaining a busy schedule and by not following a routine exercise regime. Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT has specifically been created for workaholics, whose lives are concentrated on the chair or couch.

In our day-to-day activities, we burn a significant amount of energy. Often we do not realize but jobs as simple as mowing the lawn or washing your car will help you burn significant amount of calories. The idea behind this theory is quite simple. Instead of sitting still, some amount of fidgeting throughout the day will help consume enough energy, eventually keeping you lean despite your apparently sedentary lifestyle.

If you were irritated by a colleague because she is always moving around the office, look at her slim figure, and you will know that consciously or unconsciously she is practicing NEAT.

How to practice NEAT

It is too easy to practice NEAT at your workplace. Instead of remaining tied to your desk for hours, leave your desk after a few minutes and take a walk around your office. You can simply go for a glass of water or go to the toilet. If walking around the office too often is not desirable, simple stand up and stretch or jog on the spot.

If possible, use a desk whose height is adjustable, so that you could elevate it at times and work standing. Don’t be infuriated with the long cues. Instead, utilize your time by doing some sit ups and stretch yourself while standing. A little bit of inefficiency is at times good, especially when we have to run from one place to another to have our job done.

Benefits of NEAT

The ease of practicing NEAT, means we don’t have to spend money buying expensive exercising equipments or invest money in attaining membership of a reputed gym. In fact, NEAT can actually improve interpersonal relation at the workplace. Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, you can weigh options of organizing walking meetings for your office staff. You will definitely notice a lot of difference in your physical health as well as mental well-being.

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