What is Painful Indigestion?

What is Painful Indigestion?

What is Painful Indigestion? - Signs & Symptoms of Indigestion » What is Painful Indigestion?You will have indigestion when your stomach has excessive acid production. This results in pain in the tummy, heartburn, excess wind, breaking of wind, belching and bloating, which have to be treated.Â

Symptoms of Indigestion, especially if related to acid in the stomach, have to be considered seriously because most of the time indigestion is self-diagnosed and treated without medical assistance.

The important factor in indigestion is that it may be masking problems with other important organs like heart. You will notice that the pressure or the feeling of fullness near the chest as a result of heartburn is nearly similar to that of an impending heart attack.

The symptoms of heart attack also include appetite loss and nausea which are also the symptoms of indigestion. If at any point of time your indigestion results in vomiting of blood, you should seek immediate medical attention; similarly, when there are severe indigestion symptoms, you should not take a risk, and talk to medical experts as early as possible.

Symptoms of indigestion can be varied and may be very mild or very severe. A variety of stomach related conditions are referred to as indigestion, which include abdominal pain, gas, flatulence and acid reflux.

The most important symptom of indigestion can be feeling of fullness or pain in the upper abdomen area, at its meeting point with chest. Known as bloating, this leads to flatulence, belching and burping. Indigestion can be pointed as the cause, if you find a relief when the gas escapes.

Another symptom of indigestion is heartburn. This is a burning sensation felt in the Esophagus, as a result of gastric acids pushed into Esophagus.

Though the valve in Esophagus is designed to stop such inflow into the tube, when you had irritating food, or heavy meals, this can happen. People who consume alcohol and beverages with caffeine content also have symptoms of indigestion, followed by rumbling sensation within stomach.

When you are suffering from indigestion, you may lose appetite, since it is affected directly. Another symptom is a sick feeling. Acid reflux can leave you with symptom of food shooting up, even as there will be irritation in Esophagus. Symptoms may include vomiting or nausea.

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