What Is Postpartum Depression

What Is Postpartum Depression

What Is Postpartum Depression - Poatpartum Depression - Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression - How to Determine Postpartum Depression | Tips on - Find TipsPostpartum depression or post- natal depression is a medical condition in which women face ‘clinical depression’ just after childbirth. This is sometimes faced by men also who were very close at the time of childbirth or who has been equally involved with the woman during the whole pregnancy period.
The percentage of postpartum depression in women varies from 5% to 25%. In post natal depression, women undergo excessive sleep loss, lack of sexual desire, irritability, weepiness, sadness, hypochondriasis, headache and isolation. The woman cannot connect with the world and the surroundings around her for few days. It may take one week to one month before she returns to her normal condition.

Postnatal depression is different from baby blues. Baby blues are just temporary shift in mood and it affects around 80% of women. It disappears as fast as it appeared. Keep in mind baby blues are not a precursor to post natal depression.

Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression

- Feeling of restlessness;

- Sadness;

- Anxiety;

- Mood shifts;

- Lack of sexual desire;

- Irritation;

- Excessive crying;

- Feeling of helplessness and hopelessness;

- Pessimism;

- Lack of sleep;

- Weight loss or weight gain;

- Over eating;

- Suicidal thoughts;

- Lack of decision making power;

- Headaches;

- Body Pain;

- Fatigue;

- Lack of concentration;

- Digestive problems;

- Reduced self- esteem, feeling of worthlessness;

- Anhedonia;

- Frustration;

- Impaired speech;

- Problem in child care;

- Anger;

- Lack of energy

What Are The Pre-Conditions That Can Determine The Arrival Of Postnatal Depression?

- If the pregnancy was unplanned;

- If there is history of depression in family;

- If there was postnatal depression during pregnancy;

- If the couple has a poor marital relationship or if the mother is single;

- If the mother smokes or drinks;

- If there was baby blues during pregnancy

The only way to cure postpartum depression is with a combined treatment of psychotherapy and anti-depressants. A new mother always needs the support of her family to tide over the situation.

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