What Is Sciatica

What Is Sciatica

What Is Sciatica - How Is Sciatica Caused - How Is Sciatica Diagnosed - Treatment of Sciatica | Tips on - Find TipsEver faced numbing pain at the lower back, near the buttocks? Chances are that it is just the beginning of sciatica. The largest nerve in the human body is the sciatica nerve. The main reason of getting sciatica pain is the protruding herniated disk in the spinal cord caused due to pressure on the sciatica nerve.

How does this compression take place on the sciatica nerve? Some of the reasons are:

- Herniated discs

- Tightening of muscles at the hip joint (especially the piriformis muscle)

- Arthritis in the spine

- Degenerated disc

Sciatica leads to much pain, leg cramps, and numbness, pain during sneezing and coughing or burning sensations. Sciatica is very common in pregnant women because of the changes in posture that takes place with each passing week.

Sciatica normally affects people in the age group of 35 to 55 years during the general tear and wear of the human body. It is estimated that 2 in every 60 people have the chances of getting sciatica in their life time. It is generally caused by the pressure on the spinal cord disks, in the lower spine.

How Is Sciatica Caused?

The process explained- when the nucleus protrudes through the disk’s outer lining, it pressurizes the root of the sciatic nerve. This pressure leads to irritation, inflammation and pain. In extreme cases, the body may lose control of the bladder or bowel and numbness of the groin. Consult a doctor immediately.

How Is Sciatica Diagnosed And It’s Treatment?

X-Ray or an MRI scan is the general procedure. Doctors also ask for a complete health history and may ask to relate from the beginning since the pain began. Keep small foot notes for quick reference.

Sciatica is treated through three methods:

1. Surgical Treatment- It is a laminotomy with discectomy wherein the herniated disk is removed.

2. Non Surgical Treatment- It consists of complete bed rest and intake of muscle relaxants. Move around in comfortable positions and go for short exercises at the discretion of the doctor.

With proper treatment, you will be on your feet in a month. Take drugs for some time to keep the pain under control. However, there are chances that sciatica may recur again.

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