What Men Really Want

What Men Really Want

What Men Really Want - What Men Really Want From Women » What men really wantMany people say that it is almost impossible to read a woman’s heart? It is difficult to understand a person sometimes, but hey do not just blame the girls. Men are also equally difficult. When you are in a relationship, it is very important that the two partners have a good understanding. You have to understand each other or else it will be almost impossible to sustain a relationship. Trust me; a little understanding will save you a lot of heartache.

Have you ever heard a guy saying that he would love to sleep with one woman but marry another? What does this statement mean? This means that when it comes to relationship a man seeks two things – a good companion as well as a physical relationship. If you can provide both for your partner, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you think it is only looks that matter to me, think again. Well it does matter to some extent, but what is more important is the woman’s attitude. If she is bold and confident, no man can say no to her. And by attitude I mean the way a woman talks, dresses, moves, everything. Men always go for the ones who are hard to get. So let him chase you a little. Let him come close to you little by little.

You might be bold and beautiful, but are you loving and caring. Because the man is not always just looking for a hot date or excellent sex, he is also in search for a good friend or I should say a soul mate. He is looking for someone he can share his feelings with. Someone he can talk to for hours. He wants someone who will be there for him. Do you have those qualities in you?

What a man wants is for his partner to be his closest friend, a friend who would laugh at his bad jokes, have the same interests etc. He would not want anyone who would want to change him, but like him for what he is and at the same time help him to become a better person. He would expect respect from his partner, even if he has some major faults.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy for all you girls out there.

Do not try to change your partner. Tell him you like him just as he is.

Try not to interrupt while he is speaking.

Show him what he means to you and that you always have faith in him.

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