What Should be your Diet during Pregnancy

What Should be your Diet during Pregnancy

What Should be your Diet during Pregnancy - Foods to be Avoided during Pregnancy - What to Eat During Pregnancy - Eating Plan for Pregnancy | Tips on - Find TipsNourish your baby in you

The popular belief goes about eating anything and everything you like without getting worried about your getting fat, because you have a plea of hiding your fat behind pregnancy. Right? No this is all a myth.

What to eat

The best idea is to sit with your doctor or a dietitian as soon as you come to know about your pregnancy and work put an eating plan which suits your lifestyle, your food preferences, and your pre-pregnancy weight.

In case you are overweight, then ask your dietician to draft an eating plan which requires less of fat and also keep you satiated.
However, when you are underweight, and then take in some extra calories in your daily extra intake to give your nurturing baby the best,

Eat in intervals

You should also make a diet-chart as per your preferences. Make sure to include all the basic components like protein, fat, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and vitamin-C.
Divide your diet into eight equal proportions. The idea is to eat less than full and at small intervals.

A balanced diet

Everyday servings should include:

1.Protein : 3 servings
2.Calcium : 4 servings
3.Green vegetables: 3 servings
4.Fruits : 2 servings
5.Vitamin C : 3 servings
6.Grains& pulses : 5-7 servings

Along with this iron supplements and fat is also required.

This all may seem to be cumbersome in the beginning as you are not used to such kind of diet but don’t panic. A 5-minutes time to prepare your day’s diet chart in the morning will save you from panic and keep you hale and hearty throughout the pregnancy.

Foods you should avoid

Try to bring in some dietary changes like choose whole wheat bread over refined flour bread. Opt for baked potato if you want to eat potato. Avoid French-fries, sugary-treats as they don’t contain any nutrients and add on to your weight.

Make absolute No to raw-meat, unpasteurised milk, sugar substitutes such as saccharine, excess caffeine, alcohol, and soft cheese.

Enjoy a healthy pregnancy!!!

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