What should I teach my Kids

What should I teach my Kids

What should I teach my Kids - Tips to teach your Kids - What to teach my Kids - Teaching Kids | Tips on - Find TipsKids should be taught regular work habits, cleanliness, to respect others feelings, follow instructions, initiate conversation, questioning freely, imitation, concentrating on the subject, and make them understand the concepts.

Kids should be got into a routine in their life. From the time they get up to the time they go to bed if everything is timed then they will lead a much disciplined life and this is what any parent expects.

Cleanliness is really important in life. They should be taught to keep their house clean, they should be taught to keep their classroom clean (not throwing bits of paper here and there, not scribbling on the desk and walls, not eating or drinking when the class is going on etc…). They should be taught personal cleanliness also very well( brush their teeth, comb their hair and oil it daily, have a bath, wash their hands before and after food, cut their nails etc…

They should be taught to respect others feelings. Imagine if your kid breaks some other kid’s toys, then you should explain how he/she would have felt, if his toys were broken. Then he/she tends to understand others feelings also.

From a very young age kids should be taught to follow instructions, this helps in improving their language skills, listening skills etc… They have to initiate conversation. In most of the houses thinking that we are making the kid very disciplined we don’t encourage the kid to speak. No! This is extremely bad. Kids should always be encouraged to speak good things and they have to be expressive and should be given the liberty to question freely.

Concentration is very important for a human being in all possible fields, right from education to everything else. So they should be taught to concentrate. If they are not able to concentrate properly, it is better you visit a doctor immediately.

Concept teaching is always better than a bookish knowledge. So teaching kids explaining the concepts is very important.

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