What to do if you Feel your Relation is becoming Dull

What to do if you Feel your Relation is becoming Dull

What to do if you Feel your Relation is becoming Dull - Tips to Reduce your Boredom in life - How to Patch up your Relationship | Tips on - Find TipsKeep remainding yourself and your spouse all the happy and jolly movements you had in your life. Keep telling to yourself that you love her more than yourself.

If it is a small mistake, instead of arguing it out for a long time, forgive her. Your forgiveness will make her love you more.

If you feel your relationship is getting boring then push yourself into some hobbies which interests your spouse also. When you have common things to do, you will communicate maximum and on non controversial topics. This may patch up your relationship with her and reduce your boredom in life.

If you feel you are totally loosing interest in this relationship, taking a break from your busy schedule and going out for a vacation should be a good idea. Remember not to take your laptops, cell phones. These are really distracting and by having all this, the whole purpose of staying and being with her is lost.

If you are not able to take time out, at least spend ½ an hour in front of TV watching your favorite show. You will have lots of things to comment about and laugh about. This is good to keep your relationship going.

Communication is the key in any relationship. So communicate maximum. Don’t try to hurt yourself or hurt her feelings in the process.

If either of you have done a mistake and you feel your relationship is coming to an end because of that, never get frightened or hesitate to tell a sorry. After all she herself is your life.

Reduce your demands, if you feel that your relationship is becoming dull because of high pressure on her.

If you still feel your relationship is becoming dull, see your marriage photographs. Refresh your memory with all the feelings you had before marriage and try to have the same feelings for her once again. By doing this you will see a really new loving person in yourself.

Never be a nagging husband. Just forget what has happened and move on. Forgive and forget should always be the policy in life for a good relationship.

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