What to do in Case of an Accident

What to do in Case of an Accident

What to do in Case of an Accident - First Aid Box - Steps to be Taken When an Accident Occur - Insurance Clam | Tips on - Find TipsAccidents are common now a day. If you have a vehicle you may go through an accident at least once in your life. If an accident occurs you have some responsibilities. Calm and intelligent reactions are essential for controlling the additional expenses.

Here are some steps to be taken if you have met with an accident.

1. Stop your vehicle at first and keep it where the accident occurred. If you drive the vehicle after having an accident, it will be considered as a serious legal offense. You have to on the hazard light to inform the other drivers otherwise they will hit on your vehicle in the dark. If the law permits you can keep your vehicle on the road side.

2. Keep yourself calm and check the injuries that you and your co passengers have. If you are seriously injured be there in the vehicle and ask for help. If anybody got injured heavily then provide medical aid first. You can use your first aid box if you are a trained person. Otherwise call an ambulance.

3. If you are not much injured then move out from the vehicle and check your vehicle and the other one too. If possible take photos.

4. Your information including your identity, phone number, license number, insurance company etc have to be exchanged with the other driver. Also note the other passengers and their names. If you can settle the accident between two with some money then it is the best way.

5. Call a police officer and note the name and badge number of the officer. If the officer is making a report then ask for a copy.

6. Avoid too many explanations and don’t take the responsibility over at first. This is because after reliving the shock of the accident you may realize the other fellow was also equally responsible. So answer the questions up to the point only.

7. Inform your insurance company as soon as possible about the accident and inform your lawyer also.

A wise movement from your part will help you to save your money.

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