What to Look for in a Crib

What to Look for in a Crib

What to Look for in a Crib - What to Look for when Purchasing a Baby Crib - Purchasing a baby Crib - Guidelines to Purchase a Baby Crib | Tips on - Find TipsCribs become the primary place that a baby sleeps and plays in while they are young. As the child gets older, it will eventually move into a bed. But since a child spends at least its first two years in a crib, it is important to buy one that can stand up to the wear and tear for at least two years. When you buy a crib you need to consider its comfort and safety. The crib design should be sturdy and have rails and slats. The following tips will give you a guideline to follow when purchasing a baby crib.

The first thing to look for should be the crib’s sturdiness. The crib needs to be strong because most babies move around a lot in their sleep and move about when they are not sleeping. Test the crib’s sturdiness by leaning on it and shaking it. The next thing to look at is the slats of the crib. The slats need to be close together so that the child is not able to jam a body part like the head through the slats and then get stuck. They also need to be close together so that the child does not fall through them while they are sleeping or playing. The crib should be big enough to fit a standard crib mattress. Any extra space and the baby could possibly catch their hand or foot in the gap. Check out the height of the crib. Make sure you can easily adjust the height of the railing so that you can move your child in and out of the crib as they grow.

The railing needs to reach high enough so that when the children are able to stand, they cannot pull themselves up with the crib railing. Also, ensure that the railing sure it is covered in plastic. When your child begins to teethe, he will try to gnaw at every available thing, and may gnaw on the crib railing. Keep your crib simple. Make sure it does not have any small decorative accessories that a child can either bite off or pull off. The child could swallow small objects and choke on them. This could pose a threat to the child’s safety. The last thing to consider when buying a crib is its design. Your baby’s nursery probably has a theme to it. Pick out a crib that compliments the theme. Many cribs are now multi-faceted as they adjust from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a full sized bed. This type of crib may be something to consider as it will save you money in the long run as and when the child outgrows the crib.

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