What to Wear for Family Photos

What to Wear for Family Photos

What to Wear for Family Photos - Family Portrait - How to Select Clothes for Family Photo - Family Photograph | Tips on - Find TipsWe all know about family photos which we display in the living room or hall. They come with different frames made of teak wood, metal, plastic, etc. Each photo has its own importance. It tells us the stories of our ancestors, frozen in time. Each member in the photo may be having different look and an unique place in the family tree.

Sometimes the family portrait becomes just an ordinary photo instead of arousing magnificent memories. One of the reasons is the selection of unseemly clothes and other accompaniments for the occasion. It is not suggested that we should wear expensive clothes and ornaments, but what we wear should not distract the attention from emotion to them. We can judge the same by standing in front of the mirror and looking at ourselves where our attention is diverted. We will discuss some points how to go about selection of clothes for a family portrait.

It is better to select basic clothes. It does not mean that the clothes should not be attractive. Instead of going in for glaring checks and stripes, one may choose simple single color dress with either V neck or turtle neck. They are the best types and give good appeal to the photo.

One should cover his arm and it should not be left bare since the attention will be diverted from the face. The dress should cover up to the elbow. If a full arm shirt is not worn, the wrist may be adorned with a watch or bracelet, or a bangle in the case of ladies. If the photo is of full length men should wear full pants and ladies should wear a long skirt. Leaving the legs uncovered will again divert the attention from the face to the leg.

It will look better if all the members of a family dress more or less in the same color with slight variation in the tone for a family photograph. It will show the bonding in the family and adds attraction to the photograph.

For the family photograph, avoid wearing either loose or tight clothes. Loose clothes will give a look of sloppiness and make look broad whereas tight cloths will give a puffy look. Jewellery may be used to the minimum, like a bracelet and watch in the case of men and earrings and light chain will do for ladies.

Color selection should be limited to pastel and off-white. Blaring colors like red, green and orange should be avoided. Stripes may be either vertical or diagonal, avoiding horizontal stripes.

All the above suggestions are intended to make the family portrait a precious one where one looks for emotions in the face and not to divert the attention to the physical attributes.

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