What type of hair do you have

What type of hair do you have

What type of hair do you have - Do you know your hair type - Hair styles tips - Hair styles ideas » What type of hair do you haveIt is a fact that hair plays a great role in grooming the personality of the person as well as it also helps in giving the perfects looks to the person. People try many thing and the different products available in market in order to groom up their personality.

Now-a-days people are taking more care of their hair. However, you can have a proper care of your hair if you know that “what type of hair do you have?” Some types of hair are described as follows:-

You can categorize your hair by the help of contest. There are many types of hair like African, Asian, and Caucasian etc. Likewise, African hairs are black in color but they are curly and dry whereas the Asian hair are usually black in color as well as these hair are straight and wavy. However, when it comes to Caucasian hair then these hair can be seen in different colors. These types of hair can be brown, black, red or pale in color along with the different shades. These hair also vary in broadness likewise they can be thin or medium and can be thick as well.

It is also suggested by the experts that you can distinguish your hair by its body. Body of the hair is represented by the fact that they are straight, curly or wavy. It is a universal truth that straight hair looks shinier because they are covered with the natural colors and oil. Body of hair can be changed by different type of styling devices but it causes great hair damage.

You can also differ your hair in terms of styling. Generally hair can be styled in three ways. These three ways are fine, course and medium. It is little bit difficult to style your hair in a fine style. In addition to that they get damaged very easily. People who are having the course hair have to apply conditioner in order to manage their hair. When it comes to the medium hair, they are one of the most suitable hair for any type of hairstyle. You can wear your hair in any style along with the required volume.

You can judge that “what type of hair do you have?” by the help of above stated points or you can also opt for the other techniques that are available on internet.

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