What We Know So Far About Sweet Magnolias Season 2

What We Know So Far About Sweet Magnolias Season 2

In terms of the plot, the show's writers are keeping quiet about what viewers can expect from season 2, but fans will definitely find out who was in the car with Kyle early on. That particular cliffhanger is haunting fans and the cast, especially since the accident isn't a plotline drawn from the books.

"I remember the last time we read the final episode. And we all kind of looked at Sheryl [Anderson] and said, 'OK, so who's in the car?' And she just looked at us and smiled and said, 'If we ever get a second season, God help us, I'll tell you then.' And I was like, 'You're joking, right? You are joking.' And she was like, 'Yeah, I'm not telling you,'" Headley told Parade in a November 2020 interview.

However, it seems the crash isn't the only major event that will come out of prom night. Showrunner Sheryl Anderson teased to Parade, "The surprises of prom night don't end at the accident site."

Outside of the teen's crash-related drama, season 2 is also likely to address Isaac's quest to find his birth parents, Helen's determination to have a child of her own, and Maddie's difficult decision about whether or not she should give Bill a second chance after he cheated on her.

For now, only Anderson knows what's going to happen next on Sweet Magnolias, but with a little luck, viewers might get all the answers they crave before the end of 2021.


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