What Women Want From Men

What Women Want From Men

What Women Want From Men - Relationship Advice and Tips For Men » What Women Want From MenWhat women want? Guys, we know that these three words do not spell dread in your hearts as you make it out to be. On the contrary, they make you snigger with sexist memories of all the jokes you ever shared with your drinking buddies.

But once in a while men put their heads together to solve the age old mystery (as you put it) of what women want.Beats me why men ask other men what women want. Because admit it gentlemen, you rarely have a clue. So here are a few pointers straight from the perspective of a woman.

First things first; we are not a mystery. Do not stay up all night trying to figure our secretive behavior. We only like to act mysterious (mysterious is sexy after all) And yes, we do love sex. BUT (ooops!) we do not like it when that turns out to be the only thing we end up doing together (my apologies for bursting that bubble) And we do not like jumping to the final act. There are bases to be covered!

We know that you love us, but it is good to hear it anyway. And an occasional compliment wont cost you anything either! Bear in mind, we are verbal creatures.

Chances are both you and your girlfriend/wife are working professionals. While we do not expect you to turn chef every other night, a helping hand in our chores is truly appreciated.We want you to respect us. Our careers, friends and family mean as much to us as yours do to you. Putting them second to yours all the time is a big turn off.

We find it sweet when you get jealous over us. But it is offensive if you monitor our every move. Try to contain your jealousy and give us some space (just the way you want us to do) We fantasize about romance (think of it as the way u fantasize about sex) Putting in a little effort to give us a romantic evening may even give you the passionate night you want!

We know you are problem solvers, but sometimes we just want a patient ear. Try and resist giving solutions to every word we utter!

You might have noticed that diamonds and flowers have not featured in the list. Men, they are not our top priority. But an occasional treat is always welcome!

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