What you know about China

What you know about China

What you know about China - Republic of China - Great Wall of China - History of China » What You Should Know about ChinaChina is the largest country in East Asia and makes up one-fifth of the world’s population. The country is officially called the People’s Republic of China.

China is home to over 1.3 billion residents though the exact number is hard to determine because there are many people who live in China undocumented.

China’s capital is Beijing. The country blends modernity with old world customs and charm. Learn more about China by reading this article.

China is home to the greatest segment of the world’s population. The history of China goes back over six millennia. It is the oldest country in the world. China also has the longest recorded written language history.

China is famous for the Great Wall of China. This site is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Great Wall was built almost three thousand years ago.

Each dynasty added to the wall’s construction during their reign. The Great Wall of China runs over five thousand kilometers through China.

China is an interesting study of modernity versus old customs. While the country is developed with high rise buildings the outskirts are very rural. Residences are built out of bamboo and the lifestyle is very peaceful and slow paced.

China has contributed many assets to the modern world. Thousands of years ago the Chinese people created a twelve month calendar based on the Zodiac.

Each month is named after a specific animal of the Zodiac. The Chinese people have also brought their knowledge of astronomy and mathematics to the modern world.

Their studies in these two subjects are the basis for their customs and beliefs. China has also given the rest of the world access to fireworks, gun powder and other fire arms.

It is in China that silk was first produced. Only those responsible for producing silk knew the secret behind making the fabric. The secret was guarded so closely that if anyone was caught telling the secret to making silk, they could face death.

Another secret that China held is how to manufacture ceramic plates. It was only until Johann Friedrick Bottger of Saxony made the first porcelain plates that China held the secret to ceramics.

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