When to Start Infant Cereal and Baby Food

When to Start Infant Cereal and Baby Food

When to Start Infant Cereal and Baby Food - Breast feeding - When to Start Solid Baby Foods - Breast Milk | Tips on - Find TipsMost parents are in a catch-22 situation when it comes to deciding to feed their babies with solid food along with breast feeding. Pediatricians’ advice is much sought after for this. Many things along with the age and weight of the baby are to be kept in mind while deciding to feed the baby with cereal. Doctors suggest starting with cereal between four to six months. However the mother should not rush to feed the baby with cereal and expect the baby to relish it after four months. In fact she has to observe the following.

Selecting the time:

The baby should be able to hold the head steady and able to sit with some support. Also it should show some interest while seeing the food by opening its mouth. While feeding, the baby should not thrust the food out with tongue and instead should swallow it. Between four and six months, babies stop pushing the tongue out and show interest while mother feeds it with solid food. To start with, the baby may be given cereal once a day. The frequency may be increased twice a day, both in the morning and evening and then the quantity may be increased.

Quality of the feed:

The consistency of the cereal should be thin while starting the solid food. To start with, breast milk itself may be used to make the required consistency. Cow’s milk should not be used without the advice of the pediatrician since it may not suit the digestive power of the child. Cereals made of rice, barley and oats are best suited for the infant.

Positioning the baby for feeding:

The baby should be seated in a chair. Since there are chances for the baby to come forward with excitement, it is preferable to have a strap to hold the baby in position. Only a small spoon feed should be given to the baby. It may play with the food in its mouth before swallowing it. Hence the mother should be prepared for a messy feed in the beginning till the baby starts eating without playing with the food.

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